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30 Secrets

Our 30 Secrets Video is being updated and rerecorded between now and Jan 1, 2014. Prior purchasers of the program will get to see it free; everyone else gets it for $100!

New Book: 50 Things My Wife Needs To Know

Over the holidays I was working on a book I had actually written in August as a Christmas present for my wife. I was trying to self-publish by turning it into a photobook and a variety of other things when I thought to bring it to my publishers to see if they wanted to run with it as a real product... and they're seriously considering it!

It's a book of the important messages a wife needs to hear from her husband about how their husband sees them, thinks of them, believes in them, and loves them in a one-message per page, get to the point, kind of way.

I've had many requests for this to be a product since I first finished the original draft in August and I'd like to give my publishers a healthy list of people who'd want to give a book like this to their wives, so I'm asking for your support here. If you'd like to buy a copy of 50 Things My Wife Needs To Know please add your name and email to THIS list and I'll forward that list to my publishers so they know how important this book is to get on the market:


Advantage Business Club's Big Reveal?

The latest news about the launch of the world's latest and greatest business community...

Reyactive Begins Deployment of New Business Communities, Information Tools, and Independent Business Ad Network.

This past Saturday the gentlemen from Point Perfect Technologies sat down with us at the Biltmore Resort to kick off several new projects including Reyactive's next big move in the niche social and global advertising networks...

BANG! 2014

And They're Off! Armed With The Secret Weapons For Success In 2014, Reyactive Insiders Make Their Plans for >20% Growth in 2014.

Image by Flickr/bayasaa

2013 was an interesting year to say the least, and we also know that 2015 is coming to us much too quickly with all of its forecasted economic contractions, so 2014 is the year to tighten everything up, optimize our processes so we're running the way we're supposed to, not just making efficiencies for today that will come back and bite us in the butt when we can least afford them to.

It's our year to build higher, build stronger, and make our businesses and our families stronger and more secure than ever before so we come through the next few years not as victims but as victors and leaders, able to help others who were less well prepared and less fortunate get a hand up when needed.

It's our responsibility to ourselves, to our families and to our community to be as prepared and stable as we can get in 2014, and it's also just plain 'good business.'

And the only way to get to where we want to go is with a PLAN.

If you found yourself swinging for the fences in the tail end of 2013 to close out the year with the hopes of one more big financial win and also found yourself striking out a lot, then it's almost guaranteed that your plan was either missing or lacking something important in it last year that would have better situated you for Q4.

This year you have a chance to fix all that by getting your plans laid out properly for the whole year and by getting ongoing mentoring and support from colleagues in a monthly group call and video strategy session.

Here's what we're going to do together:

  • Complete a Goal Map for every aspect of your business in 2014

  • Build your entire Marketing Plan for 2014, quarter by quarter!

  • Build an end-to-end Cash Flow and Financing Plan for 2014

  • Build your Risk Library and Risk Management Plan to help your 2014 run more smoothly

  • Build a Lessons-Learned based Continual Process Optimization Plan

  • Share our Lessons-Learned communally so we can all benefit as the year goes on

  • Show you where to find Key Resources to achieve your milestones more quickly and easily

  • Help you find and connect to potential Partners and Clients

  • Teach you key Productivity and Project Management lessons that will get you better results

  • Teach you the latest in E-Strategy and E-ROI, and so much more.

You only have a commitment for one day per month and one hour-long call per month to work with us on this program, and the whole point of this is to help each member dramatically grow and improve their business in 2014. In fact, if you aren't looking to put in the work to grow your business by at least 20% in 2014, then this isn't the program for you.

For this group I'm only looking for at most 20 participants. From now until January 31st you can join the group for just $3300 for the whole year!

You have to jump on this now, because once the group fills up, it's full and no more spots will be opened up this year. 

Don't get to the end of 2014 and be panicked about how you're going to squeeze in those last minute sales to close out the year. Join our group today and hit the ground running all year long!

For information on start dates, payment plans, etc. please add your email right here:


30 Secrets In 60 Minutes

The Secret Playbook Of The Top Selling Businesses In The World.

Image by Flickr/digitalmoneyworld

There are things that the top selling businesses in the world are doing to generate sales that quite simply, you aren't doing yet.

They're using tools and strategies that you can use too, no matter how tight your budget is or how little time you have to implement them.

Just one of these secrets could change your business from struggling for survival to making more money than you have ever done with your business, even in a horrible economy. This class will show you the secret, the strategy, the data behind it, and the free or low-cost tool you can use to make the secret work for you too...  

Conversion Rates Based On Bad Math; Fail To Really Measure ROI

Custom Filtered Conversion Rate Optimization and Why Your Business Desperately Needs it.

Research is growing daily that shows that websites have too many ways of distracting your visitors before they ever get the chance to convert.

Often when they do convert, it's for the wrong product, service, or subject matter, leaving sales teams with 2 times as many prospects permanenetly opting out of the pipeline for every one good lead that enters the pipeline. All of that research data points to one thing- businesses are not giving visitors what they want resulting in lousy conversion rates.

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Five Minute Favors

It's live! Five Minute Favors is a community page on FaceBook dedicated to sharing help 5 minutes at a time.

Imagine you need a reference for a great graphic designer- ask the community and in just a few minutes you might get a dozen great referrals!

Suppose you need someone to share an update for a major event you have coming up? Well, it sure would take someone a lot less than 5 minutes to really have an impact on your event by sharing your post across their social channels.

Likewise maybe you happen to have a piece of advice that another community member needs to make a big problem simple for them. Five minutes of your time could save them months of pointless aggravation.

Please join us as we launch our first foray into the project by liking our new FaceBook Page:

New Book- Niche Social Media Guide!

Chris Cayer Niche Social Media Guide

Chris Cayer has just sent in the draft of the new Niche Social Media Guide 2014 to our publishers! With powerful and useful info on over 200 key social networks YOU should be using! Click here for more info!