About Reyactive

Reyactive is a boutique Competitive Intelligence agency that has evolved heavily over the years to include capabilities to help almost any organization, business, government, or guru any time, anywhere, to do almost anything.

From our world leading CI work we've added on capabilities in the following areas and beyond:

  • Media (Radio and Web broadcasting)
  • Publishing (Print, ebooks, and AppBooks)
  • Book and Infoproduct Marketing and Sales
  • Product Creation and Ideation
  • Recruiting (Sales, Marketing, Executive, Technology, Project Management, Specialist Consulting)
  • Brokered Sales Services (Finding manufacturing and joint venture partners and leveraging relationships)
  • Technology Development and Implementation
  • Marketing Strategy and Technology Automation
  • Business Soft Skills Training (Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Communications, and Project Management)
  • Event Marketing
  • Capital Project Design, Implementation and Management
  • Project and Business Turnarounds
  • Law Enforcement and Military Research, and Tactical and Strategic Consulting Support
  • Nonprofit Consulting
  • and much, much more.

While we have a wide array of ways we can help almost any customer, what's most important to us is how we get to help EACH customer as an INDIVIDUAL to help resolve their most pressing challenges and most caustic pains.

With a Mission Impossible-style history of over 78.2% success rates on our most impossible and odds-defying projects, and a success rate of over 92% lifetime on our traditional projects, Reyactive has a team that can look long odds in the face and have a serious chance of winning anyways. With power like that on your side, your everyday challenges will start looking a lot brighter and your stretch goals will look a lot more achievable.

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