Code 1 All Inclusive Publishing Programs

All Inclusive Publishing Plans

As an Author, SME (Subject Matter Expert), Speaker, or Content Creator, there are thousands of options out there for you to choose from if you want to get your content published.

You could go find a traditional publisher and average 4-7% royalties on whatever sales you typically have to generate yourself. You could self-publish and use a Vanity Press publishing house to print and distribute your books, but you take on even more of the sales, marketing and editing functions in exchange for what will typically end up being a net of 10-15% royalties after you factor out the money that goes to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other sales outlets in process.

You could sell via Print-On-Demand, or you could sell in ebook format.

In short you have lots of options, but they all require ONE THING, and that is that you either cede all your rights and most of your benefits to a publisher and/or you take on ALL the responsibility for yet again a rather paltry share of the prize of authorship.

Frankly neither one is a great option. What you need is someone that takes over where you leave off, in other words you need a partner that does what they do best while you do what you do best. Since you're the content creator, what you need is a partner that can handle the publishing, marketing AND sales that genuinely causes smoke to erupt from each of your ears just thinking about it if you had to do it instead.

That's where our packages come in.

We not only manage to get your book or content published, we have 3 different core channels for selling and marketing your content that allow us to sell and distribute large volumes of books without having to spend a fortune on Facebook ads or Google AdWords.

If you're looking for the partner that can make your book or content a successful part of your business instead of a stack of boxes that occupy space in your garage, then these packages are the only ones on the market that can help you have the impact you need.